About Us

Located in  Historic Milledgeville, GA, Ian Henderson’s Antique Mall is a vast wonderland of Antiques, Vintage Items, and Unique Items.  Whether it be Primitive Southern Antiques, Victorian Era Furniture, Mid-Century Modern pieces, Collectibles, or Just Unique Stuff, Ian Henderson’s Antique Mall has what you are looking for at unbelievable prices.

It all started in 2001, when John and Havalyn Henderson opened Warehouse Antique Mall in a cotton warehouse on a small side street in Monroe, Georgia.  For years, this Mom and Pop business evolved from the former business, a flea market, to a thriving antique mall.  As their youngest son, Ian, neared ending his lengthy tenure at Georgia College & State University, the Hendersons took over one of the neighboring cotton warehouses as an additional location – Warehouse Antique Mall South Building.

Four years of running two malls, 364 days a year, finally paid off in 2010.  The newly renovated 48,000 square foot cotton mill a block away was looking for an anchor tenant and the obvious choice was The Hendersons. At the family’s expense the entire business was relocated and to thank the dealers for their loyalty, Ian (who had now taken ownership of the business) cut all the vendors’ booth rental nearly in half.  With the introduction of this phenomenal concept of dealers not having outrageous booth rental, the mill quickly ran out of space.

The entire contents of the mall were once again moved into an onsite warehouse where they were stored for five months until May 5, 2012 when the new location opened.  Ian Henderson’s Antique Mall was a glistening 50,000 square foot space with original maple floors from the 1900s cotton mill, known as The Walton Mill.  However the first showroom was not big enough to fulfill the demands of Antique dealers to come and sell their wares at what was becoming known as the Largest and Happiest Antique Mall on the Planet!!

After only one year, a call to the owner of the Walton Mill was made.  We needed more space, thus the ground floor was born.  Upon opening the new showroom, Ian doubled in size to a whopping 100,000 square feet of Antiques, Vintage Items, Collectibles, Furniture, Shabby-Chic, Home Décor, restored, re-purposed items, groovy accent pieces and anything else you could want… thereby becoming the largest Antique Mall in the country.

Open every day except Christmas Day, Ian Henderson’s Antique Mall is a full service and fully staffed world of happiness.  Our friendly staff always welcomes you at the door and is happy to accommodate you in every way.  All of the Ian Henderson’s Antique Mall staff is there for customer and dealer assistance at absolutely no charge.  Whatever it takes to make the customers and dealers happy, our wonderful Ian Henderson’s Antique Mall team members are there.

In June, 2018, Ian opended a second location in Milledgeville, Georgia. One year later, all operations moved to the Milledgeville location as the City of Monroe pursued a development project in the Walton Mill where Ian Henderson’s Antique Mall resided.

Hours of Operation:
Open everyday except Christmas day:  Monday through Saturday, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Sunday 12:30 PM – 6:00 PM